Big Green Eggers - pizza advice?

I just bought a Big Green Egg, and I'm looking forward to using it for all kinds of cooking: smoking, high heat sears and - most of all- pizza.

I've read various pizza posts on the egghead forums, but many people there seem fairly inexperienced with actually making pizzas. Many folks resort to buying dough from pizza parlors or Boboli because they're afraid to make their own. I'm looking for slightly better advice than that.

I plan to cook at high temperatures, so I assume I'll want a fairly high-hydration dough. I'll probably start with Kenji's Skillet-Broiler Neopolitan dough recipe and make adjustments from there. The biggest potential problem I see with pizza on the BGE is that the stone will get hotter than the surrounding air. I've got a Plate Setter and a thick stone, are there other precautions that you take?


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