Best restaurants to take someone who is new to NYC?

Hello fellow foodies!

My friend and I are attending a conference from today until Wednesday and will need to eat out for each meal. I am here frequently, but she has only been here once before. We are working with a budget of approximately $40-$50 per day for lunch and dinner, so I want to take her to delicious places that won't break the bank.

Here's the catch -- she's kind of picky and simply, so I can't just take her anywhere. I'm looking for some great Italian restaurants that aren't tourist traps and possibly one amazing prix fixe to take her to.

Any suggestions for lunch or dinner would be great, but I figure we will do cheap lunches at Chipotle and the like and then bigger, more exciting dinners since we will be at a conference all day from Sunday through Tuesday. The only place I know I'll be taking her to is Cafeteria in Chelsea because I always have a great time there!

Thanks in advance! I hope to have a list of places for the both of us to try!


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