"Are you from New York?"

So I was working in Wilmington, Delaware and was recommended this sub place, Gus's I believe. It was run by this really old (60's or 70's, easily) couple from Sparta, Greece. They bickered in Greek behind the counter and were really sweet. Awesome subs made fresh.

One day I ordered a roast beef sub and as the lady was making it, she asked me if I wanted mayo. I declined and said I'd like mustard. She asked me again, "you want mayo", making it more of a statement than a question this time. I said no, I'm fine with mustard. She asked a THIRD time and laughingly I replied that I was fine with mustard. She then asked me this gem:

"Are you from New York?"

I laughed and said yes. Which was funny because I moved to NYC (and America) in 2002 and used to hate mustard. It wasn't until one of my friends caught me putting ketchup on a hot dog and told me I could only eat it with mustard and/or onions and/or sauerkraut. Since then I love mustard and shun mayo for it most of the time.

My question is, does anyone else have experiences like this where their taste preferences betray where they're from? I found it hilarious and would love to hear more!


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