I love...no...LOOOOVE, going to the grocery store. I go almost daily and know most of the staff by name. They in turn know my culinary background and my love of all things food.

When stumped for an answer to a specific food application the staff often send folks my way if I'm seen in the store to help them with their conundrum.

I love this sort of interaction with people and food and after 5, 10, 15 minutes of educating them on specific uses for the ingredient, historical significance of the item, websites they might find useful, books on the subject etc... I see the eyes glaze over and then the 1000 yard stare comes up. Incidentally, 1000 yards is almost exactly how far away anyone is that I went to the store with in the first place, and looking to hang themselves in the magazine isle!

I wished I could help myself limit the information, but I have resigned myself to the fact that it is hopeless... I get so excited whenever I see someone take an interest in food and I want to fan the flames.

How much information do you give in these situations? Is there a funny story about anyone asking for advice on a product? Did you ever give advice on a product or item then realise you F*!#ed up?

P.S. Not looking for a 12 step program here... I'm gonna keep on dumping knowledge on poor unsuspecting people whether they like it or not... just want to see if I'm alone here...Now where in blue blazes did that damned cat go?


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