Your most memorable meal?

Uncle Ed, For me it would have to be my Uncle Ed. He was one of my grandmothers brothers. He was quite the hustler. He got a state license (on his own) to have sole authority to inspect and approve of the local bars in Germfask, Michigan. (The original 8 founders last name first letter, formed Germfask. Now just for fun, would you have come up with something different from the same letters for literally a north woods paradise?) Anyway he use to con us kids as he had the maintenence contract for the care and upkeep of the local grave yards to do the work for a soda each. He also, made his own flies for fishing and ran a fly-fishing for trout guide business for wealthy men from the rich Detroit Era. I have been fortunate to have had such examples. OK back to my memorable meal. Uncle Ed took me fly-fishing back in 1963. He taught me how to roll-cast with a fly-rod. He by the way, never took the "detroit'ers" to any of his really good spots. We went to his favorite site caught several small trout which he claimed the goverment had no right to monitor a sportsmans passion, actually, he didnt care if the game warden (who I might add had it in for him) was watching as he speared the caught fish with a reed through the gill into the soft riverbed. His thought was if approached pull the cattail holding the fish, they swim away and no ticket. We cooked them in real butter and salt and breakfast potatoes in a cast iron skillet over a modest fire. My most memorable meal.


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