What do you put in your lobster roll?

Hi Eaters,

Am making lobster rolls for the husband elect's birthday on Tuesday. He's waxed poetic about them from his visits to family on the East Coast and I'd like to attempt a recreation, but when I ask what was in them, he just repeats that the best he's had have been 'simple'. I've the picked cooked lobster meat (just under a pound for an entree for the two of us), and the plain top cut hotdog buns which I plan to butter liberally and toast on a griddle.

I've never had a lobster roll--so I'm looking for your favorite preparations. Looking for the essential here. I've seen contentious debate online regarding mayo, and other "fillers" like celery etc.

Also, seasonings! I want it to taste of lobster, not a curried truffle oil blaspheme...what brings out the best of teh meat?

And finally...what to serve alongside? Fries seem the obvious choice, but I'm a terrible deep frier--would crispy roasted fingerlings do? Are there traditional sides that go along with a lobster roll?

Thanks to all in advance!

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