Suggestions for drive-in food

My husband and I are going to be managing a family friendly drive-in this summer. I would like to give the concession menu a boost, to try and increase profits and to give customers a little variety/something special. The items currently sold in the concession are: popcorn, different types of ice cream (push-ups, drumsticks, etc along with ice cream candy bars), sodas, bottled water, sweet and unsweet tea, hot dogs (chili, cheese, kraut and onions available for extra), nachos (jalapenos extra), frito pies, sunflower seeds, pickles and all sorts of candy. None of the items are homemade. I do have access to a griddle/grill if we want to have the gas turned on. I don't want to add anything too time consuming to make. I was thinking of adding snow-cones, maybe burritos, possibly burgers. I would love to do fresh fries, but not sure about investing in a fryer.

The drive-in is struggling to hang-on, and it's important to me to try and do everything to keep it going and maybe even make some money. I also believe the drive-in concept itself is poised for a comeback, as you can take your kids, talk on your cell phone and not bother anyone.

What do you remember eating at the drive-in? What would be a good addition to the concession? We are in a small town, but we try and attract visitors from Dallas and Fort Worth. Thanks!


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