Should food blogs cater to the "foodie"? (pun intended)

Before the flames start, I use foodie in quotes just for a lack of a better, widely-accepted word...

But I've been following a link mini-debate on a local food blog here in Houston. Long story short, post was about a grocery store cookie, and some scoffed that it would be covered in the blog. Others defended the post, more or less stating that it's still food and may be of interest to people.

I tend to agree with the latter (if you don't think it's worth reading, then don't read it). But trying to be open-minded (it's hard for me sometimes [that's what she said]), I tried to see it from the view of the former. The only point I can really think of, though, is that it's the "foodies" who are most passionate about food and likely to be reading such blogs. Therefore, by that argument at least, posts about grocery store cookies have no audience. I don't agree with this argument, but I will grant that it's likely that the average reader of SE or EOW is more interested in "real food" than "easy/fast food" (although I would hazard to guess that most are interested in both).

So my questions: 1. Is that reason for a general food blog to target the "foodie"? Personally, part of why I enjoy SE is that it also has posts on fast food and Will Gordon's Bottom Shelf series. 2. Are there other reasons to scoff at a grocery store cookie post that I'm missing?


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