Pork Shoulder + Crock Pot = ?

I have pork shoulder in the freezer (2 pieces weighing about 2 pounds each). I have a crock pot. First attempt was a pork/sweet potato stew that came out fairly decently and got me through a cold and nasty week.

Now, what else should I do? I'm thinking maybe a pseudo-carnitas, as that might have multiple applications and thus be less boring (single cook here, so whatever is done will be protein for a week).

Recipes? Suggestions? When left on my own, I have a tendency to buy a bag of frozen veg, a bag of frozen shrimp, and a bottle of teriyaki sauce and just eat stir fry all week, which gets really old really fast. The pork roast purchase was an attempt to move beyond that, but I need to actually cook it instead of have it continue to sit in the freezer.


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