Making blister peanuts at home? Or other nuts really crunchy?

I'm loving Lucy Baker's recipes here today for the roasted nuts, and I plan to try them all. I am, however, addicted to Trader Joe's blister peanuts. The bag says they are soaked first. Might be similar to the pecan recipe today.

What I'm trying to find out is how to make them at home. I have a few pounds of raw peanuts in the freezer and am wondering if after a soaking, they should be roasted or deep fried? Googling has given me highly inconclusive answers. I'm willing (sort of) to try both ways, but am hesitant to deep fry wet peanuts, unless I can wear a burn-proof suit and can have someone else clean the oil off the kitchen afterwards.

Any good ideas, besides just buying them? I fortunately / unfortunately work next door to a Trader Joe's.



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