Looks good,I wanna like it,keep trying it,but it never satisfies

First off let me say that this is NOT an attempt to flame a region or its cuisine. This is about me, or you, being underwhelmed by food that on paper you would think you would love. As a teen I can remember staring at the TV, drooling and wide eyed watching Justin ("Oooh Wee, I wonder if that pig know he tastes so good?") Wilson and Paul Prudhome (sic) preparing all sorts of Cajun treats. Around that time the blackened everything technique took off, and I gotta say, as good as it looked, ech... Growing up in SoCal, I was able to forgive the lackluster Cajun fare I was able to sample. I just figured you had to have it "in region" to really experience it. That said, in the mid 90's, my job took me to Louisiana, Slidell to be exact. I thought finally, REAL Cajun food. Jambalaya, Gumbo, Etouff'ee,Boudin, Andouille, Red Beans and Rice, even Po' Boys, though not sure if those are Cajun. They all LOOK so dang good, but, for what ever reason; the flavor profile has just never worked for me. Just curious what your culinary "let downs" area. Again, it's not the food or regions fault  Oh yeah, my other is Thai, my wife's fave. Thai restaurants smell wonderful, but the food does nothing for me.


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