Help from diabetics, newbie getting overwhelmed by diet/info

My 77-year-old Mother has recently been diagnosted with diebetes. Fortunately, she is not on insulin (only glucose pills), and I am taking care of her and her nutritional needs. I am attending diabetic classes in two weeks and am trying my hardest to meet her 60 grams of carbs (plus protein, fats, etc.) per meal guidelines hoping to keep her on the tablets rather than insulin.

My greatest challenge is making sure the carbs are met without having her eat volumes of food, or foods that are high in carbs but also sugar (like fruit juice), or foods that are high in carbs but also fiber, that negate the carbs.

There is so much information on the internet and in the library and from the doctors regarding the diabetic diet that I am getting overwhelmed. Do you have any suggestions on foods that will help me get through the next few weeks that are high in carbs but low on volume that could help me narrow my research? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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