Glutinous Rice Flour in Gluten-Free Bread?

A good friend has given me a challenge: Bake a better loaf of gluten free bread. It must be wheat free, dairy free and white-refined-sugar free (honey is OK). My very favorite bread recipe involves 6 ingredients: flour (whole wheat and AP), water, yeast, salt, olive oil, honey. I can't help but think that there must be some way to translate that loaf into something she can have.

Her main complaint with her current GF bread is that it's more rock than bread, and isn't really good eats.

After some study, it seems that my best bet is to add eggs and some kind of synthetic "gluten." Xantham gum is obviously a popular choice, but what about glutinous rice flour? It is something I keep on hand. Is it more expensive than Xantham gum? Can I mix it with other rice flours (brown and plain) to get the effect I'm looking for?



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