Freezer Meals for a single college student.

That title is slightly misleading, but relatively accurate. My Beau and I are graduate students in different states, and I'm going to visit him for spring break. While I'm there, I'd like to freeze up a bunch of things (biscuits, cookies, and meatloaf, for sure) to leave for him to nosh on. He lives by himself.

That being said, Beau is not picky, he has a microwave and an oven for reheating purposes, and I assume he is relatively well stocked in the minor appliance realm. (I know he has a mixer.)

I'm generally looking for meals I can cook, jab into individual portions, flash freeze, and freeze in freezer bags, so I'm not sucking up all of his reusable containers.

As mentioned above, I know I'll make biscuits, cookies, and meatloaf (because he's a 21-year-old, and he likes meatloaf sandwiches). He lives up north, so it'll be winter for some while longer.

What would you make in this scenario? I didn't do much freezing while I was in undergrad and living with my parents, so any advice will help.

Thanks so much!


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