Extra Virgin on Cooking Channel - Pleasantly Surprised

I saw the promos and thought - eh, vanity project, whatevs - but because I'm incapable of not having the TV on for background noise I've actually caught the first two episodes.

It's sorta really charming.

Sure, I wish there was more Gabriele geeking out about his pizza oven and less shopping footage. But I get that the brief for the first episodes was breezy hollywood with a foodie twist. I'm just hoping that they figure out that the hollywood bit, while an interesting hook, isn't necessary.

But I really like watching Gabriele cook. He comes across as just a regular guy wanting to cook great Italian food for his family. And, what really got me, is that I ended up really wanting to make the Orecchiette from the show. I haven't flagged a TV recipe in a while but I'd be tempted to run get the ingredients right now if I wasn't snowed in.

Because the nice Italian guy just made it look so easy and breezy and why wouldn't you make beautiful food all the time to eat in your beautiful garden? *sigh* I do not live in CA and might be suffering from a bit of cabin fever.

So, anyone else watch? Thoughts?

(Orecchiette recipe: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/debi-mazar-and-gabriele-corcos/sausage-and-radicchio-orecchiette-recipe/index.html)


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