Bridal shower lunch ideas Please!

I'm co-hosting a bridal shower for my SIL to be in about a month. We are expecting about 20 guests, ranging from 9 months to 91 years. Okay, really 10-91 but it's a big age range with rather unadventurous midwestern palates. I'm stumped as for what to serve. This will be at my aunt's house so I have a kitchen there, plus I was hoping to pre-make deserts at least. I was thinking along the lines of tapas/small plates but I don't know. My MIL trys to avoid my cooking or comments on it all the time, so I Really want this to be her face good.

As far as food restrictions: The bride doesn't eat red meat but loves chocolate. A couple guests are part time vegetarians. I call them that because they claim they are veg, but then eat meat sometimes. (Relatives. . .) My MIL hates Indian food or anything spicy. And I'm pregnant with random cravings/aversions but I think I'll just deal with those and keep cooking

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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