breakthrough pizza crust for home ovens

I've been working with a new crust recipe i adapted from a fantastic baguette recipe, and it works GREAT at producing an airy, chewy but crispy crust that hold up great to ingredients.

I owe an acknowledgment to dmsnyder and janedo at for the foundation of this recipe. It is based on a home recipe adapted by janedo (and transcribed by dmsnyder) of anis bouabsa's baguette recipe.

Anis bouasba is a rock-star baker in the 18th arrondisement of paris. I had the great fortune to visit his bakery and meet him a few months ago. This guy is an artist.

his baguette recipe translates very nicely into a fantastic home-oven pizza crust: light and airy cornichone, with a chewy-crispy crust with great flavor for a non-sourdough dough.

The key here is an initial autolyse with a series of folds and a nice, long cold ferment.

makes about 4 10 oz. portions: 500 grams bread flour (I use KA bread flour) 375 grams water ¼ tsp instant yeast 12 grams salt

1.mix flour and water into a shaggy ball and let rest for 20 minutes. 2.add yeast and salt and mix by folding the dough in the bowl. 3.Mix the dough by folding and stretching in the bowl (or on the counter) 10 -15 strokes. 4.Repeat the fold and stretch, 10 strokes, 3 more times at 20 minute intervals. Or, if you're rushed, repeat one more time - but your crumb structure in the cornichone won't be nearly as good. 5.Refrigerate the dough 2-3 days, or a minimum of 20 hours. 6.3 hours before you want to make your pizza, divide into 10oz portions and gently form into balls 7.Place balls on oiled parchment, silpat or your dough box and cover loosely with oiled plastic wrap 8.Stretch per your method, place on peel, top and cook on stone or cast iron pizza pan at highest possible oven setting.

cook until the pizza is bubbling and the crust is browned.

here are some pics:


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