Attn. tea snobs: recommendations?

Ok, so I'm on a big tea kick lately. To make a long story short, I've failed utterly at tracking down the brand/company that made the most lovely tea I've ever had ... though I doubt that's the only company that puts out that quality of product. It was a really nice full-leaf blue flower earl grey, and the company packaged loose leaf in tins with a black (with some white patterning) design, and the earl grey had a blue sub-label. If you know what this is, please tell me! If not, any suggestions on really, really, really good tea?

Don't get my wrong, I actually like my Sweet Dreams and Constant Comment teas of the bagged variety. My local coffee roaster's shop sells a blue flower EG that looked just like it, but was nowhere near as nice. I'm (obviously) not much of a tea snob, but I want some top-shelf in my stock, and the tea I can't track down was closer to the tea equivalent of what Kona is to coffee. I want rec's for that kind of tea.



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