Appliance Showdown: There Can Be Only One

My microwave died this week, the victim of a short circuit. (Or the socket may have been the victim of the microwave. Not really sure.) Anyway, I've been coveting a stand mixer for a while, but holding off because the only counter space it could fit on was...occupied by the microwave. So now, I'm weighing the relative pros and cons: could I learn to live with rewarming everything with the coffeemaker/stove/oven if it meant constant fresh bread? (The real answer is "get a bigger apartment", but darn it, I love my 15 minute walking commute more than any appliance. Though I'm not sure I love it more than the combination of a microwave, mixer, and dishwasher....)

What would you choose, if you could only get (keep?) one? What are other appliance/kitchen space dilemmas you've faced?


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