A Question about Starter/Finished Bread

Recently, Mr. Lovesomething were on a project kick and started a starter in our kitchen, in hopes of making lovely, sour bread. The starter meets all expectations - bubbly, responsive to regular feedings, etc. etc... (we were feeling retro and followed the instructions in the Joy of Cooking for making starter when your kitchen is already yeasty from making lots of standard loaves with purchased yeast). However, last week we made bread using it, and the bread turned out relatively sweet. We're guessing this is because the bread recipe we followed called for so much starter (about 2 cups) and we feed the starter with, you guessed it, sugar (among other things - milk, flour). Now, we know we're sensitive to sugar in bread because we tend to make a more basic bread for weekly consumption (bread flour/durum flour, yeast, salt, water), but is there something we can do to dial back the sweetness in bread made with our starter? Are we feeding it too often (we were doing it twice daily, but we've put it in the fridge and are feeding it on Wednesdays)? Notably, we like the sour flavor of the bread, we're just not loving the sweetness.


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