21st Birthday-- Where should I go?!

My 21st birthday is in a month, and my aunt is taking my boyfriend and I to dinner. Last year, we went to Babbo , which was incredible. It has to be around 100 p/p before tax and tip (none of us will be drinking--I won't be doing 21 shots!). Originally, I thought of going to Del Posto. However, I looked at a lot of recent dinner reviews and many said that the experience wasn't that amazing for the price. Another place that crossed my mind is Marea. The only issue with that is my aunt doesn't LOVE fish. She likes shrimp and lobster, but I know Marea has a seafood focus. Are there enough non-pesce options for her to enjoy? Does anybody have any thoughts on Del Posto for dinner (good or bad?) Or any suggestions for another restaurant that would be good to go to?


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