Why isn't ____________ commercially available??

So I'm thinking before I crawl out of bed this morning what I'm going to do with he pork blade steak I bought yesterday. I happened to get to think I don't remember ever seeing containers of pork stock sitting on the shelf in the grocery store, like other protein stocks (Swanson's, etc.). I wonder why? I looked back and there was a thread here in Talk back in '08 but it didn't specify why. I thought someone out there may know why it's not available nation wide, if not regionally (maybe it is regionally and just not where I'm at). I know if could make it -- that's not the point of my question.

Then I happened to think the same thing for melon juice, specifically 100% watermelon juice? I'd love to break into that bottle in the dead of winter and have a little taste of summer.

Is it a transportation thing?? Shelf stability?? popularity in cooking applications??

Would love to know what else people notice an abscence of... and if anyone knows the answers to the pork stock/watermelon juice. Thanks!


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