WHERE THE HELL DID _ _ _ _ _ _ _ GO?!

It was rolling up on New Years Eve and I have this tradition of just eating junk food from years past. After doing all the regular favorites (pizza rolls, frozen pot stickers, chicken wings etc...) I added what I figured to be a nice little something from my childhood that I hadn't eaten in probably 10 odd years.

CLAM DIP, yep... anyone over 30 who grew up in New England can tell you the wonders of clam dip. It was at every family event from weddings to funerals and everything else in between. So I went to where the pre made dips are, and to my horror, no clam dip! They had all the also ran dips, French Onion, Bacon Horseradish... even had one I don't remember, Ranch flavored dip?! WTF, the Ketchup of the south is also in dip form?!

Anyways, Where the hell is the Clam Dip, and what else can't you find anymore?!


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