What are you cooking for your love one ?

Valentine's day is approaching and i am wondering what to cook for my husband on this special day. It is always such a pleasure to cook for someone you love because you want to give them the best, the ultimate meal and surprise them as well with your intention and devotion. I am thinking about Foie gras with a Boeuf bourguignon, and Champagne, bien sûr.

It is such an immense joy to cook for someone you love, because you know what they like and you also know what is going to be their reactions when you will serve the plate. Cooking for someone you love is certainly the best single act of unselfishness there is; you just want to cook and eat the meal that is going to put a smile and a lot of warmth in a heart you deeply treasure.

What is for you the ultimate meal to cook for someone you love ? Is it for your dad, your wife, your son, your boyfriend ?


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