Tried three new recipes - 2 win, 1 loss

I was feeling pretty bummed this week and didn't make any dinners so I decided to try having some fun in the kitchen over the weekend. Win #1 - My wife and I eat a lot of hummus for lunches and it pains me how much it costs so I decided to make some from scratch. Bought 1.5# dried chick peas and ended up with about 4 quarts of hummus. 1/2 was standard, the other I added sun dried tomatoes and chipotle chili powder. Both are pretty tasty and it only cost ~$8

Win #2 - Pretzel rolls. The sourdough starter was looking a little sad and needed to be taken out of the fridge and fed. As long as I was messing with it I might as well use it for something and I've been wanting to try making pretzels. Despite the yeast seeming to be a little lazy they rolls came out brown crispy and not too heavy. They haven't fully cooled and i've already eaten too.

Fail - Mozzarella. Our son's girlfriend sent us a cheese making kit and we had success with making ricotta. This time I tried making mozz and it turned out grainy, dry, and tough. I had some naan that I used for a quick and dirty pizza but the mozz was tasteless didn't even melt. Not sure what I did wrong but I'll try again.

What did you other serious eaters do this weekend and how did it turn out?


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