Roquefort: Differences between producers?

I just found out that there are, in fact, seven different producers of Roquefort. From Wikipedia:

"As of 2009, there are seven Roquefort producers. The largest by far is Roquefort Société made by the Société des Caves de Roquefort[5] (a subsidiary of Lactalis), which holds several caves and opens its facilities to tourists, and accounts for around 60% of all production. Roquefort Papillon is also a well-known brand. The five other producers, each holding only one cave, are Carles, Gabriel Coulet, Fromageries occitanes, Vernières and Le Vieux Berger."

I've only ever had the Societe brand and I haven't stumbled upon any other variety yet.

Has anybody tried more than one brand, and if so, is there any difference?


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