Recipe Pet Peeves

So, if you're looking around for a recipe to make - whether it's online or in a cookbook - what are the things that make you say "no" and turn the page?

For me, there are two things. For home-cook sort of recipes, it's using small amount of some kind of jarred product that I'd have to refrigerate after opening. If it's a spice or a pantry item, that's fine - I can take my time using it up. But a tablespoon of some perishable thing that comes in a pint jar - no. Unless it's something I know I'm going to use quickly, I tend to skip those recipes and look for something else.

For cookbooks, I get a bit annoyed when recipes call for a particular fish - or less likely, other very specific products that might be hard to source. In a cookbook there's plenty of space to point out that this is a firm white fish or a flaky fish, and then name a couple other fish that could be substituted. Same with naming specific cheeses or vegetables cuts of meat that might be hard to find.

I get that it's not going to be exactly the same dish if I use cod instead of a fish only found on the shores of Atlantis, but if I'm going to substitute, I'd like a hint whether the darned thing is more like catfish or trout or tuna or whether the fancy cheese just named is closer to cheddar, Velveeta or romano.

So, those are my peeves. What are yours?


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