Problem making fresh mozzarella from milk...

So I made my first attempt at turning milk to cheese. Problem is all the videos/photos I see of people making fresh mozz, their cheese comes out way softer and more velvety than mine. My fresh mozz is coming out the texture of a dry/aged mozz. This isn't bad, its just not what I want. I'm using high quality, really fresh, raw milk and the flavor is spot on.

So, anyone who makes their own mozz that can point out why this would be happening? Am I squeezing out too much whey when pulling the cheese?

Here's the method I compiled after reading lots of different sets of instructions:

1. Combine a half gallon milk with ~1/4tsp citric acid (mixed with water first to avoid shocking the milk) and heat to 89 degrees farenheit and hold it there for 15 minutes

2. Add in rennet (again mixed with water to avoid shocking the milk). All the recipes I found said to use rennet tablets, which I couldn't find so I'm using liquid rennet and was told when purchasing that it's "double strength". I'm not sure what that means but since rennet is just an enzyme I figure the amount doesn't matter too much as long as its not way too much or way too little, so I went with 8 small droplets, maybe 2ml worth.

3. Hold the milk at 89F for 10 minutes then bring it to 105F and hold for another 10 minutes until you get a clean break between curds and whey.

4. Strain off the whey and squeeze the curds to force out extra whey.

5. Heat the curds to 125F and hold it there while you pull the mozz

6. Let the pulled balls of mozz cool in some salted whey.

Of course I continued on to boil the remaining whey to make ricotta which came out excellent. And again, the mozz flavor was great, but the texture was not at all like the beautiful fresh mozz I'm used to.

Any thoughts which steps I'm messing up here? Anyone make their own cheese at all?


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