Popcorn and Milk!

Just wondering if other SE readers share our family's love of drinking a cold glass of milk with our hot buttered popcorn. Yep, no colas/beers for us! Our Sunday evening meal growing up was always unlimited, liberally buttered, hot popcorn popped in mom's big soup pan, and about a galleon of milk. Oh, and we watched "The Wonderful World of Disney", but that's no longer part of the requirement. I love popcorn, but can't stand any other beverage with it other than milk. There's something about the sweet, cold, creaminess of the milk and the salty, hot, buttery goodness of the popcorn that seem to fit. The best way is a hand full of popcorn, stuffed in the mouth, and enough milk to help break down the kernels so they can be chewed without being too dry.

I believe the origin of this bizarre family ritual was that when my mother was a girl they were poor in dollars but owned a cow, and popcorn was cheap, and there were a lot of mouths to fill. She enjoyed the taste, and passed it along to us, and now my brother and I have taught our families to drink milk with our popcorn.

I almost never buy movie theater popcorn because of the beverage limitations. Anyone else into this combo?

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