POG Juice Recipe

For those who haven't been to Hawaii, POG is a juice blend containing passionfruit, orange and guava juices. Ever since I was there five years ago on my honeymoon, I've been trying to find it on the mainland or create a version myself. I found that the company that makes the original POG, Meadow Gold, will ship it to you, but it's pretty expensive. And that a company called Hawaii's Own makes a frozen concentrated product, but it only contains 10% fruit juice and a lot of high fructose corn syrup. Bolthouse Farms also just came out with their version of POG, but it is pretty expensive and contains a fair amount of apple juice. However, with a little experimentation and a lot of luck, I came up a version that lived up to my memory from those many years ago. POG is great with some rum for a tropical cocktail and it also makes an excellent braising liquid for pork shoulder.

Total Time:  5 Minutes Active Time:  5 Minutes Number Serves:  12 Equipment:  One Gallon Closable Container


One 12 ounce can of frozen concentrated orange juice, thawed
One 14 ounce package of frozen passion fruit pulp, thawed*
One 14 ounce package of frozen pink guava (guayaba) pulp, thawed*
1/2 cup of white sugar (amount can be adjusted to your taste)
60 ounces cold water

*Goya makes these and they can be found in Mexican grocery stores


Mix all ingredients in one gallon container and enjoy.

Note: the juice can settle over time so make sure to use a container that won't leak when you shake it

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