Our Pizza is Good For You!

This phrase is predominantly displayed on the menu of a local pizzeria. I've also noticed a few similar claims popping up in reviews on Slice; pro-biotics, digestibility, etc.

The menu goes on to state: "Almost all pizzerias in the United States use bleached and bromated flour.

Bleached flour is the flour that has been subjected to oxidizing agents in order to whiten it (freshly milled flour has a yellowish color) and gives it more gluten-producing potential. Similar effects can be achieved by letting the flour slowly oxidize with oxygen in the air "natural ageing," however this process is too slow to be commercially viable. Oxidizing agents are therefore employed, most commonly are organic peroxides like acetone peroxide, benzoyl peroxide, nitrogen dioxide, or chlorine.

Bromated flour has a maturing agent added to help with developing gluten, which is achieved by adding bromate, phosphates, ascorbic acid, and malted barley.

Use of such flour is considered to be very unhealthy and is even banned in Europe and Japan. We use neither, bleached or bromated flour. Instead we use only 100% natural wheat berries ground into flour, the way nature intended it.

Most all pizzerias also use commercial bakers yeast (a byproduct of the beer brewing industry, you can purchase at any grocery store) Our naturally leavened pizza dough takes two days to mature and is made fresh everyday with natural yeast born and gathered from the hills of Naples, Italy.

We hope that you will appreciate the steps and ingredients (100% wheat flour, sea salt, wild yeast, and filtered water...that's it!) we take to produce this fantastic pizza dough."

Yeast born and harvested in the hills of Naples? Evil, not safe for human consumption flour is used everywhere else? I call shenanigans. What's the deal with what seems to be a trend of pushing pizza as health food?

Oh and by the way, their pizza is terrible.


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