No salt needed in pasta water, or most anything else

Maybe it has been said many times before, but you do not need to add salt to pasta cooking water. It does nothing to help in the cooking. I bring this up after watching cooking show after cooking show grab a paw full of salt (especially the "blond" chef of the Cooking Network) and add it to the water (or anything else in sight of the stove). I had two grandparents who emigrated from Italy who salted everything. So, after 60 years of salt 'cause my grandparents couldn't be wrong!, right? my doctor said knock off the salt, you don't need it.

Look, if you make a good sauce, you do not need the salting "at every layer of flavor" admonition offered by everyone on TV. You have salt on the table....your guests can use it. Adding salt at every addition to the pot (hear me, Lidia Bastianich?) is really a sign of ignorance. It doesn't work that way because you STIR THE POT so there is no "layering" in the mix. Additionally, a braise of meat does not need salt and pepper because you will adjust the seasonings at the end of evaporation (cooking) period anyhow, so the initial browning is just browning....not an important time for salt addition.

OK, enough, sorry. You get it, think salt versus cooking vs. health and offer salt at the table, not in the cooking process.

Fred Rickson

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