Mexican Albondigas Soup

I wanted to make my own Mexican Albondigas Soup soon and was curious if anyone here has ever made it before, or tasted it? It's kind of like Matzoh Soup, but corn tortillas or masa are used instead as well as cumin, cilantro, chipotle, egg, onion, garlic, tomatoes, maybe some corn, etc. for the meatballs.

What I'm stuck on is the meat. This is not your typical beef+veal+pork meatball. When I had this in Mexico a couple years ago, there was definitely turkey in there. I'm not sure if it was 100% or a mix. I'm shying away from all beef and all pork because of the oilyness. Plus, you don't saute the meatballs to develop a crust; rather, you steam them in the broth. I was thinking of a combo of turkey and pork, though I've never seen or heard this done before. Would it be gross? I was hoping the pork would add some moisture and smooth out the texture a bit while the turkey adds that gamey flavor I want.


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