Kenji & Heston Blumenthal Prime Rib Recipe Mashup Help Needed...

Okay, so I'm having some people over for dinner in a couple of days and the menu is:

- Bone in Prime Rib - Chicken Cacciatore (very loosely interpreted) - Spaghetti w/ garlic & olive oil - Spinach & mushroom risotto - Rosemary roasted potatoes

Now I remember in my Heston Blumenthal book he mentioned cooking aged steak at 120 F for something like 10 to 12 hours (I don't have the book with me, it's in NYC and I'm in Dubai currently). I will most likely only be able to get my hands on a fresh cut of bone in prime rib roast which I'll salt for a couple of days.

The dilemna: My mom's oven is electrical and can go down to 50 degrees Celsius. I was thinking of leaving the roast in there all day (about 10 to 12 hours for a 6 bone roast) at 55 degrees Celsius, or 130 F. Assuming the oven is accurate, will that be okay? Will I still need to rest the meat? Will 10 to 12 hours be enough for a roast that size at that temperature? Is there any danger of the roast or meat "going bad" being left like that?

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

P.S. As a "trailer" for a horror story, let me tell you I will most likely be putting many slices back in the oven to make them more than medium for the crowd I'll be serving... *ugh*


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