High tea at the Ritz in Paris... Worth it?

Hi everybody! My boyfriend and I are going to visit Paris for a long weekend in march (can't wait!!) It's his first time to Paris, so I really want to make it a trip to remember.

We are a young couple (from the Netherlands) who moved in together last May, so we don't have that much money. We plan on doing one very special thing while we're there. A dinner at a famous restaurant sounds lovely, but since that could cost around 200 euro's... maybe a bit too much.

So I started thinking, maybe a high tea at a fancy hotel would be nice? I know about laduree, but a lot of people have told me about the bad service. So I looked into the Ritz High tea, and it looks lovely! But, since it is so much money I would like to hear from some of you if it's really worth it?

Also, how far in advance do you need to make a reservation? And what is the dress code like? No jeans and sneakers of course, but I have a tendency to overdress for these things.

Thanks everybody!


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