Food transportation logistics?

So I'm going to be providing dinner for a weekly get-together of my friends for at least the next couple months. The only problem is, the house we're meeting at is a little over an hour away from me, plus we won't be eating right away (we're gathering at four, so there'll be at least two hours between arrival and dinner). On top of that, I can't do much (if any) of the cooking on-site (due to constraints on my attention, not equipment limitations).

How do I deal with this? Keeping food cold on the way down isn't a problem right now (I live in Massachusetts, so the ambient temperature is colder than my fridge), and I'm planning on jury-rigging what my inner 13-year-old boy insists on calling a hot box (because I totally saw it on the squid episode of Good Eats), so I'm reasonably confident about the car ride. It's the down time before dinner that makes me a bit nervous; I don't want the food sitting around too long and getting tepid, but I also can't really give it a lot of attention once I'm there.

Any suggestions are quite appreciated. :)


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