Downtown'ish NYC restaurant recommendations for a group

A friend and I will be in Manhattan in February, and because time is tight, we only have one night to get together with all of our local friends. That means a group dinner is in order. Because it's an eclectic group, I'd love to get some suggestions from other SEers.

Here are the parameters: 1. Downtown'ish (west side, probably no further north than Union Square, since several will be coming from Battery Park or through the Holland Tunnel) 2. Able to accommodate a group of 8-12 on a Tuesday night in early February. (i.e., not a place where you need to make reservations months in advance). 3. Something a bit hip that will still appeal to the foodies. (It's a group that includes everyone from investment bankers to arts & entertainment folks to those who work 9-5 corporate jobs.) 4. Reasonably priced by NYC standards. 5. Some place that gives us food cred with our local friends.

Where would you go if you were pulling together this kind of group?


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