Confession: I can't cook rice any more, can you help?

I have lost my rice mojo - I used to be able to buy just about any old rice, cook it 2:1 water-to-rice by bringing the water to a boil, stirring in the rice, covering it, and letting it simmer on lowest heat for 20 minutes. Now, my rice comes out icky - fuzzy at the ends and sometimes with a crunchy center, while still sort of wettish at the bottom of the pot. For a while, I had luck with Trader Joe's white basmati, following the directions to wash it first and use less than twice the water. That stopped working. Then I tried my regular way, and that didn't really work either. Besides getting a rice cooker, can someone guide me?

I would like to be able to cook long grain rice so that the grains are separate and don't bloom at the ends (that is, split), and have the rice be tender throughout and no water left at the end of the cooking period. I just had some wonderful rice in a South American-style restaurant dish that reminded me of my painful inability in this area. Help, please!


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