Boneless Leg of Lamb vs Shank?

I need some advice! I bought a ~4 lb boneless leg of lamb from Costco. I love love lamb, and since we are a family of 2 large eaters (so we eat about enough for 4 "normal" people), I was originally thinking of dicing half of it up and using it for some kind of lamb stew, and freezing the rest. Since, well, any kind of lamb at 4.99/lb is hard to find around here. However, I'm not huge on lamb stew or a huge roast leg of lamb. What I really like is braised lamb shanks in some kind of wine and/or tomato sauce, served over noodles or polenta. You know what I mean, folks! So my real question is, do you need lamb shanks with the bone for that? I have never seen bone-in shank in the stores around here. I know it'll be more flavorful with the you think I could slice the boneless leg into big chunks and treat them as lamb shanks? Any other suggestions for yummy lamb recipes (that preferably don't require a huge amount of spices, which I don't have, hence Indian recipes are out)? I'd like to share the lamb with my family too, but they don't like the "gamey taste" of Australian lamb, which is what that is. I just don't want to mess up $25 worth of meat, and for us 2 poor college students, that's a lotta money. Thanks folks!


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