Best Recipe You've Ripped-Off @ Home?

Every now and then you come across a restaurant dish or sauce so good you can't stop thinking about how to make it at home. I'm talking about the iconic stuff known in your area (i.e. "Best thing you ever ate",etc.)

Things that come to mind in NYC (but way too many to mention)are the chocolate chip cookies at Prêt A Manger,DiFara's pizza,Pio Pio Chicken and their famous mystery Green-goo sauce,The Breslin Lamb burger,Edamame Dumplings at Buddakhan...or any of your local favorites.

I wanted to start this post by asking you to share any recipes you've managed to nail down as good as the original. I don't care where you live; try to share the type of recipe you know your neighbors have waited in line for. Please share the name and location of the establishment too so we can try it sometime too.


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