Backyard Wedding Menu Planning--whaddaya like?

Saw the previous wedding food topic and wanted to solicit some opinions for myself. THe husband-elect and I are getting married this August (Ontario summer-everything is in season!). My brother, god love him, is a professional caterer with an enormous industrial kitchen, multiple bbqs and smokers and will bend to the will of his widdle baby sister.

We're having about 70 guests, and plan on serving a seated dinner, family style, aka, platters of sides and mains on tables so that guests can help themselves, as opposed to a plated meal of boneless stuffed chicken sadness.

We are adventurous eaters, I'm from the Caribbean, he's from a family that lurves food. A few vegetarians in the bunch. Added bonus--my caterer brother is a wizard with a bbq smoker.

Our initial thoughts are running to-pork ribs, smoked chicken, salmon (need a vegetarian entree), and sides of bbq'd corn on the cob, a beans and rice dish (nod to my background) and other delicious staples. We are going to set the tone of the wedding ahead of time and in our invites--comfortable, family, ok to lick fingers...etc etc.

The details are all still murkey--any suggestions on interesting appetizers, sides or even mains?

What would you serve if you had a fairly informal backyard wedding? Note: definitely not potluck.


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