Andrew Zimmern crossed that line on Bizarre Foods

I'm a pretty loyal viewer and have watched Bizarre Foods since it's inception. The new season started Monday with a trip to Syria and I DVR'd it and watched it last night. The show is officially off my TV. Trying as hard as I can to make this sentence not terribly shocking: He filmed a bunch of drunken men (at 10 in the morning) with short, blunt knives giggling hysterically while slaughtering a tortured camel in the most gruesome manner possible. They then cooked and ate the meat all the while Andrew addressed the audience about the need to know where your meat comes from. I nearly vomited. This scene should never have been shown on TV and I personally no longer trust the judgment of AZ or the shows editors. I'm angry as hell that they would treat loyal viewers to such a display of inhuman behavior.

Did you see it? What did you think? For you people that hunt and otherwise slaughter animals for food, trust me, this was not your vocation.


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