Dear all, I have come across a very interesting dish that is particular in Sri Lanka to the Muslim community and I am hoping someone out there might know of a similar dish that can help me establish origins.

It's called Albasra, which to me probably means it was earlier al-Basra and so means it's either traditionally from Basra or is a dish done is a style that for some reason has a link to Basra.

The dish is basically chicken that is boiled then shredded fine then mixed with spices (cardamom and cinnamon), onions, tomatoes, chillies. Crepes are then made and a crepe layer placed on a plate thence covered with the chicken another layer of crepe and so on finishing with a crepe.

I recall as a young cook once making a French dish or at least a dish out of a French recipe book that had a crepe cake like this with alternating layers of mushrooms and spinach but that's the closest I can come.

Any clues?


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