White Pizza: Garlic and Olive Oil; Garlic and Butter;Ricotta or?

One of my kids is NOT a fan of tomato sauce on pizza. Pile on lots of cheese and he's fine. But really, he likes pizza with a garlicky butter and olive oil mixture topped with a ton of mozzarella. The other guy hates cheese (aggravates his asthma) and loves a pie topped with garlic butter and a smattering of mozz. Myself, I like a white pizza with garlic inufused olive oil and then topped with tomatoes and veggie/seafood toppings. I've been known to sport a pie with a white wine butter occasionally, too. Some of my calzoney lovin' friends like ricotta on their white pies but that seems a bit heavy to me. I just can't wrap my head around a bechamel sauce based pizza. Seems to heavy and I guess I generally like bright, bold flavors. So, SE and Slice'rs peeps--what's your favorite white pizza? Or do you just not understand the lack of tomato sauce? "Gomez" would side with the latter question, although he's scarfed down many a slice of my tomato sauce-less pizzas.


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