Today show and Sandra Lee

I would of have a good morning going, until my eyes and ears got cut with the unpleasant intrusion manifested by Sandra Lee this morning.. With in seconds she repeated I ,and my , over 145897 times. It was not enough to listen "almost home made " witch is oxymoron by definition, but she keep going on , with store bought tapenade in the can, and some herb, as her major accomplishment in the demigod world where she see herself It was appalling to see her poisoning the mind of food loving novices , whom might. Actually think that garbage she selling is good food , or even a semi good ideas, how to feed the guest in this holiday . She is the biggest fraud, passive aggressive ,mediocraty ,with very bad food choices, and demeanor ,what warrant pillage and mayhem from any vieuer ,who actually can cook. She ruined my morning


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