The bathroom at the Spotted Pig

So I was in New York a bit ago and stopped by the Spotted Pig for some LaFrieda beef. The quality of that meat is unassailable. However, I found the burger and the accompanying fries to be overwhelmingly salty, and I like salt.

That aside, I used the bathroom in the upstairs area before leaving, the stall on the left to be precise, and I noticed two striking things.

Frisk-of-all, that upstairs bathroom smells pleasantly like fries, which is a welcome distraction from what bathrooms usually smell like. I'm pretty sure the vent/window is right by the exhaust covering the fryolators in the kitchen. Not a bad touch, though I can't at all imagine it was on purpose.

And second-of-ly, I noticed someone had etched "No more salt PLEASE!" into the wall at eye-level above the commode. I laughed. Whoever that was, good job.


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