Starter help!

Hi all. I've been following the starter along series with Donna Currie. I'm using regular all-purpose flour. For about 6 days it looked pretty much like the posted pictures. Then nothing seemed to happen and I dutifully fed and stirred. On day 9 I used water that I sat out overnight (thinking my water was too chlorinated), then got terribly busy at work and neglected it. Today (day 11) it looked fermented(??) or something. There was some hooch (?), but around the top of the jar there was a little blackish/grey stuff that looks like mold. I'm growing it in a old (very clean) mayonnaise jar, so whatever it is was around the part where the jar was narrowest. I wiped out the top part, so should I keep feeding? Will that kill someone? Or should I throw it out altogether? If I won't get any bread flour until tomorrow night, should I just feed and refrigerate?

Humorous note: BF has been away for all of the starter excitement and just got back today. When he looked in the jar, he said, "I think some yeast might have got in whatever you are making."


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