Serious Vacuum Sealer (chamber, planning ahead)

I have a FoodSaver, it works just fine, but sucks at sucking up liquids. I admit, I am dreaming ahead at this point, but when I plan ahead sometimes I get what I want sooner.

I want a home-style chamber vacuum. Why? I can my own food, I have recipes that involve boiling at room temperature, I cook sous vide, I am tired of playing games to get my FoodSaver to not suck up fluids (e.g. pre-freezing), and why not?

Looking around, I have found one "portable" chamber vacuum. The chamber is 11"x12"x5". Not huge, but it would do the job a lot of the time. A taller unit would be awesome - if I could get quart jars in it ..., but the cost is utterly unrealistic.

Here is the kicker, I want to pay $500 or less. I know that isn't realistic, yet, but it is a start.

So, what realistic chamber vacuum sealer would you get? Or do you already have?

One that I have seen is the Ary VacuMaster VP112 (size stated above). But, are there other options? If you could spend up to $2000, which one would you get? And, has anyone bought or used the VP112 and actually have an opinion of it?



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