Remains of the Day - Turkey Carcasses

Like most of you, I use the turkey carcass for making stock. This year I have two large carcasses and will be making more soup than usual as I want to put some up in my god daughters freezer as she is expecting twins in two weeks. I always boil the bones with water, onion, celery & carrots - but - I have read here on several threads that the turkey bones produce a much richer stock if they are first baked. My questions:- for two carcasses, how long should I bake them and at what temperature? There is still some meat adhering to the bones, do I have to pick all this off? Also, do I need to break the bones? I usually buy an extra turkey breast to add as the meat to my soup. Can anyone help in a hurry, as I everything ready to go into the oven? Thanks so much and I hope you all had a wonderful day.


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