Need a #101 lecture on casseroles!

Let me preface this by saying my knowledge of casseroles is limited.My Mother was from Britain where mostly stews or Shepherd's pies were made for a quick nutritious meal and when we moved to Ontario, she was a little nonplussed at the "pasta-tinned cream soup-hamburg/tuna casseroles" that were so popular at the time and she never made them. Consequently, I never ate them and really didn't experiment with them as I should have.

My god daughter is expecting twins in two weeks. She shares custody of her 8 year old and it looks as though she will be handling these new babies without a partner. I would love to help her out with the stress of meal preparation for the first month or so.

They don't like cabbage rolls, so they are out. Some of the curries I was going to make are out as well, as she has requested very little spice as she will be breast feeding. I have always had a heavy hand with spice, so I will need some ideas - basically some recipes that I can make and she can reheat from the freezer. I have soups covered, thanks.

Also, I would appreciate instructions if casseroles are OK to take straight from the freezer and baked (at what temp?) or whether they will need to be thawed first. Also, can I cook some slow cooker meals and put them straight into the freezer? Any suggestions or recipes would be welcome.


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